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Artexpo New York 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Anna Voloshko. booth S604

The sculptor Anna Voloshko is a smallish Ukrainian woman of modest mien and of some renown in the Ukraine. We spoke thorough her translator Nathalie Mendez and Art Manager Tatiana Agapova.. Voloshko attended the Republican Art School from the age of five through her adolescence and then attended the Ukrainian National Academy of Art and Architecture. Voloshko was showing bronze sculptures inspired by people she knows. Her brother appears as a cat with small wings, the family pet and angel; her art manager was a large rat (as I understood the explanation) with a tail coat, a bowler, a carpet bag, a cane and a dog. A rather erudite avian figure with walking stick and top hat was described as a self important character idiomatically described in Ukrainian as “an important bird.” The figures are simultaneously engaging and whimsical but sophisticated and portentous. Interesting (to me) Voloshko does her own molding and casting, except for the actual pouring which requires significant physical strength.

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